Dana Kurrle

Dana is an energetic trainer with an exceptional style of teaching and coaching, which centers on building confidence in both horse and rider concurrently. She has extensive experience with young or green horses, school horses, ponies, Grand Prix level mounts and all levels of students, be it age or skill.

With over a decade of experience teaching and training across the country, at top hunter/jumper facilities, Dana has an understanding of the horse that takes her guidance beyond that of the show ring, to a deeper, more knowledgeable bond between horse and rider.

Following her double major in Equestrian Instruction and Equine Business Management from The University of Findlay, Dana trained, groomed and taught for some of the top riders in the world. Including time in Eschweiler, Germany with Helena Stormanns at HS Sportpferde GmbH. As well as Daniel Geitner of DFG Stables in Aiken, SC, and Robin Hughes of Hi Ho Hills Farm in Rincon, GA. She also has lengthy experience training young race horses while working as an exercise rider at Herringswell Stables in Lewisville, MD.

Dana’s broad range of experience has left her with key insights into the equine world. While in Germany, she was exposed to the high-intensity show jumping industry, riding and grooming at some of the world’s top shows. Advancing her techniques to produce high-quality hunters and jumpers. Additionally, Dana’s time working with young, energetic race horses, allowed her to further her understanding of building the horse from the ground up, no matter the experience level. That patience and practice, always builds the best mounts.

Dana’s background has also provided her with a comprehensive understanding and dedication to the importance of grooming and medical care of horses. A staple of her program. Sticking very close to our vet and farrier teams, Dana is passionate about providing a big-picture approach. Managing each horse/rider team in all aspects of their care, which allows her to add valuable insight and knowledge.

Dana’s warm personality and confidence building approach set her apart. Her passion for her work and dedication to the well-being of her students, both inside and outside of the ring, are unsurpassed. She is happiest when watching her students and horses soar. Whether teaching lessons, training young horses, coaching in the show ring, or providing accidental therapy sessions at the in-gate, her guidance is sure to make you and your horse a success!

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