I wish my horses could write this review because they are the ones who have truly benefitted from Dana’s program at Blacklick Bend Farm. They would say, ”We’re cared for like kids by professionals who really understand us. Standards among the staff are high. We love them as much as they love us.” As a rider who has been around a while, I can say that this program is a joy. Dana is a natural leader and teacher. Very competent. Never a cross word. She knows how to build a team that all of us can enjoy. And yes, the farm is more beautiful than the photos, and meticulously maintained. I’m very happy to be a part of Dana’s program and have been for years.”

– Dr. James W. Harrison, DVM, MS 

“The quality of care at Blacklick Bend Farm is exceptional. Our gelding has reverse aged since he arrived!  He is in the best shape and is incredibly happy. He has always been sweet, but now he has a sparkle in his eye that was not there before. Trainer, Dana Kurrle, leads a wonderful team and with the knowledge, skill and standards she has, it is like getting a trainer and vet rolled into one very motivating and positive person. We cannot imagine a better life for our best boy!”

– Laura Casline

“I have ridden my entire life and had horses stabled in multiple countries around the world. I can unequivocally state that Blacklick Bend is the best barn/stable I ever been in. The horse care is beyond reproach. From organization, to horse knowledge and everything in between. The experience is seamless.  This is one of the rare barns where the boarders are drama free and everyone gets along exceedingly well.  Blacklick Bend accommodates all riding levels and caters to young ambitious riders that want to reach the top of the sport, to the aging riders that want to continue enjoying the sport for as long as possible. I will never stable anywhere else as I am confident no better place exists for me or my horses. Dana Kurrle is an extremely knowledgeable, talented rider and excellent coach. Ms. Kurrle’s integrity is refreshing in the industry. Dana has a talent in matching riders with the right horses and has an amazing knack for finding quality “bargains.” She invests herself fully in each and every lesson and during shows you cannot hope for better organization and coaching.”

–Georges S. Zeidan

“How can I ever say enough about my amazing experience as a boarder at Blacklick Bend Farm? My high  recommendation is not only because of the stunning, manicured pastures that I see from the moment I enter the private gates, or the incredible facilities with Olympic-level footing, where everything is properly maintained to my experienced and discerning high standards of care. It is because of the people. You can have all of these  impeccable amenities however, the most important part of Blacklick Bend Farm is the people who run it.  

Dana Kurrle is an experienced trainer, knowledgeable educator, amazing rider, a true horsewoman, and leader of a team that creates a very safe, clean, and peaceful environment for me as well as my horse. With a professionalism that is unmatched in the area. 

My true satisfaction is due to the sense of trust that I have, being able to leave my horse in their care and knowing that my mare is happy and safe.  

Competing with horses truly takes a village and the camaraderie, encouragement, sportsmanship, and fun with our BBF team at horse shows makes our successes so much more worth it. I’m truly amazed at the level I have been able to compete at with my young mare. And I owe it all to them. I’m very thankful to be a part of the BBF barn family. You can’t find a better place to be.”


“I’m told I am very picky about where I board, and, that said, this is perfection. Barn management and training are superb – five star. I can’t say enough about the barn staff – barn management, grooms, workers at all skill level, I feel that every one of the staff at Blacklick Bend is a friend and treats me and my horse with respect and concern.

Dana Kurrle is a manager, trainer and all around angel when it comes to caring for and training the riders and horses. She treats each horse as her own – Dana is intuitive and thoughtful and works with all of her students at their level. No jump is too small…or too high!! Dana’s training style empowers the horse and rider, giving each confidant experiences, which enables learning at an appropriate pace and skill level. Can’t be beat. Top notch!”

–Linda Salvato

“BBF is a magical place. The stables are clean, fresh, and spacious, the staff is first rate – professional, thorough, and accommodating. And the lessons, always individually prepared by Dana Kurrle, are instructive and fun. This is the best equine facility around, with wonderful owners and horses. The care is excellent and it’s always a joy to spend time at BBF……the best part of my day!

I always know that my horse is in good hands at BBF and it’s such a relief to know that all his needs are superbly met, no matter what the situation.

–Karin Yaffe-Stump

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